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Honda EU2200i and EU2200iC Quiet Portable Inverter Generators

Honda EU2200i and EU2200iC are two very similar models of Honda's EU2200 line of portable, very quiet, and efficient, inverter generators.

Honda EU2200i and EU2200iC are based on the previous Honda EU2000 portable generators, but they feature stronger engine and increased output power.

Honda EU2200i and EU2200iC are very popular compact, quiet portable generators, often used as camping generators, in emergencies, and in any other off-the-grid situation.

Published: July 8, 2020.

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Honda EU2200i and Honda EU2200iC Features and Specifications

Honda EU2200i/EU2200iC are powered by Honda GXR120 gasoline engine with 121 cc displacement, automatic low-oil shut-off safety system, and manual recoil starting system. Tank capacity of 0.95 gallons (~3.6 liters) ensures running time of 3.2 hours @100% load and ~8.1h @25% load.

Both units feature Eco Throttle (Eco Mode), increasing the units' efficiency and prolonging the runtime.

Both units are very quiet, with the noise levels of 48 dB @25% load and 57 dB @100% load - this level of noise makes these units some of the quietest portable generators on the market in this power range.

Honda EU2200i/EU2200iC generators are able to provide 1800 running watts with a maximum output of 2200 watts.

Physical dimensions are practically equal and they are (L x W x H) 20.0 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches (~51 x 29 x 42.5 cm). Both units weigh ~46.5 pounds (~21.1 kg) and can be carried by an adult using the builtin handle for shorter distances.


Other very interesting features include parallel ready (cables must be purchased separately), fuel shut-off for easier storage, large oil filler opening, longer oil spout, large oil drain gutter, electronic circuit breaker, etc.

When connecting the units in parallel, follow/check the instructions found in the manual - it is not complicated, but better safe than sorry.

Also, both Honda EU2200i and Honda EU2200iC support parallel connections with the older Honda EU2000i model, with the maximum power levels given in the following list:

- Honda EU2200i/Honda EU2200iC + Honda EU2200iC: 4.4 kVA starting, 3.6 kVA running,

- Honda EU2200i/Honda EU2200iC + Honda EU2000i/EU2000iC: 4.2 kVA starting, 3.4 kVA running.

So, if You have older Honda EU2000i or Honda EU2000i Companion models and You need more power, feel free to purchase newer models (and parallel cables) because these models are backward compatible regarding parallel connections.

Honda EU2200i comes with a 3-year residential and commercial warranty.

Note: Honda EU2200i/EU2200iC are very simple and intuitive to use and maintain portable generators, but when they arrive, be sure to read the manual before the first use. There are many important details that are specific to these two models and if you are familiar with portable generators in general, that is not a warranty of any kind that you will know how to use and maintain properly any of these two units.

Honda EU2200i vs Honda EU2200iC Portable Inverter Generators

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"Honda EU2200i" (left unit on the photo) and "Honda EU2200i Companion" (right unit on the photo) are two very similar units, differing practically only in power outlets.

Honda EU2200i features a pair of 20A 120V AC outlets (15 Amps maximum continuously, 18.3 Amps surge maximum) and 12V 8.3 Amps (100 watts) unregulated DC output.

Honda EU2200iC (Honda EU2200i Companion) lacks 12V DC port, but comes with one 30 Amps 120V AC RV locking port and 20 Amps 120V AC port, with all other features practically the same, including parallel ready feature, three LED signal lights (Oil Alert, Overload Alarm, Output Indicator), Eco Throttle, etc.

How to Charge 12V Batteries with Honda EU2200i Portable Generator?

If You need/want to charge 12V lead-acid batteries with Honda EU2200i, there are two options:

- Direct Charging: connect the battery directly to the 12V/8.3Amps port and let the generator take care of everything.

If the Honda EU2200i is used only for charging the battery via 12V port, the actual runtime is quite long - 100W is ~6% of rated power. However, this port is 'unregulated' port and personally, good only for the BULK charging phase of lead-acid batteries.

- Charging using intelligent battery charger: connect the intelligent battery charger to the 120V 20A port and let the charger cycle the battery through all required phases for proper charging: analysis, desulphation (if required), bulk charge, absorption, float, equalization (if required), and maintenance.

Also, connecting the multi-bank battery charger to the Honda EU2200i allows the user to charge several batteries at the same time.

Note: Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of the Honda EU2200i is <3%, allowing the unit to power sensitive electronics and in the end, battery chargers.

For example, if you are going on a fishing trip and you like trolling with electric motor, charging of large trolling batteries may be done using alternator (max Amps?) powered by the boat's main engine, or using dedicated power generator.

Also, having a compact power generator on the longer fishing trips improves the safety, especially considering all the electric and electronic loads on such trips.

Note: for safety reasons, be sure to keep ANY power generator in the open - don't use them indoors. Also position them downwind from your location - fumes from power generators and other internal combustion engines may be very dangerous.

honda eu2000i eu2000ic mLong Story Short: Honda EU2200i/Honda EU2200iC are not the cheapest generators in their class, but nonetheless, they are some of the most popular and most reliable units.

Power generators are devices that are not appreciated much until they are badly needed - similar to, for example, engine jump starters.

If You are looking for a high-quality power generator in the 2000W class, consider one of these units.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Honda EU2200i and Honda EU2200IC Companion Amazon links (links open in the new windows).

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