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Best 100 Ah AGM Deep Cycle Marine Battery

exide xmc 31 m100 Ah AGM batteries provide best balance between size of the battery in terms of mass, capacity, reserve capacity, cranking amps and of course, the price.

These batteries are commonly used as cranking batteries for smaller gas and diesel engines, as dual purpose batteries in electric systems where they are used as both cranking and deep cycle batteries for powering the electronics, pumps, lights and similar devices, and in the end, as deep cycle marine batteries for powering various electric and electronic devices, including electric trolling motors.

Deep Cycle Battery Charger - Lead-Acid AGM, Gel, Wet Battery Chargers

deep cycle battery chargers mLead acid battery chargers are intelligent, microcontroller based battery chargers, being able not only to charge wet/flooded, AGM, Gel, pure lead, calcium and other lead-acid deep cycle, dual purpose or starting batteries, but also able to recover deeply discharged batteries, recondition and desulfate their cells, and to maintain the batteries charged over longer period of time.

Picking a good lead acid battery charger should not be of an issue, especially since such device can save plenty of money in the long run.

The Best 800-1000+ Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) AGM Marine Battery

optima d31m bluetopIn order to start large engines of boats, yachts, trucks, etc, strong 800-1000 or even more Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) marine or automotive battery is required.

Such batteries must be reliable, vibration resistant, robust and must be able to provide plenty of power at the moment notice. Electric equipment like winches, lights, pumps, alarms and similar must operate even when the main engine is off, thus these batteries often must also be able to withstand the deep cycle operations, too.

Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries

battle born battery lifepo4 100ah 12v mFew years ago, lithium batteries were considered as something exotic, futuristic, but with the improvements in technology, lithium batteries more and more present in our everyday lives. Lithium trolling motor batteries initially cost several times more than the AGM SLA batteries of the same capacity, but they can save significant amount of weight and can outlast AGM batteries 5-10 times.

These are the reasons why lithium batteries are becoming more and more popular as lightweight but long lasting deep cycle trolling motor batteries.

Choose the Best Fish Finder Battery

marine battey power center mmarine batteries 1Fish finders are often used on kayaks and small one- or two-man boats and choosing right battery with maximum performance and minimum weight at acceptable price can be confusing thing to do.

Fish finders are often key elements for having a great fishing trip or coming home empty handed. Most common fish finders don't require large currents to operate, but the power supply must be constant and reliable.

On the larger vessels, when the main engines are off, fish finders are powered via boat's onboard battery (or batteries). On smaller boats, kayaks, pontoons or even inflatables, fish finders are often powered via dedicated batteries that must supply enough power for the fish finder to operate properly during fishing.

Best Fishfinder GPS Combo - How to Choose the Best One?

best fishfinder gps combo 1mWith so many similar models on the market, it is sometimes rather hard to pick the right fishfinder GPS combined unit. There are several important features which one has to consider when buying such unit, including personal preferences and of course, the budget. Buying the most expensive one in the nearest store is rarely a proper solution ...

Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Batteries

nicd batteryMarine lead acid batteries are still going strong as main boat battery, for trolling and similar, but in many circumstances they are replaced by other types of batteries.

Car, Truck and Boat Jump Starters

jump starter clore jnc660Jump starters are devices that enable one to 'jump start' the internal combustion engine, when the main battery (or battery bank) fails.

Regardless if it is boat, car, lawn mower, forklift, truck or any similar vehicle, jump starters can be of great help.

Marine Batteries - Abbreviations and Glossary

odyssey 31m pc2150 1mWhen describing features and performances of marine and automotive batteries, cables, generators etc. many abbreviations are used commonly. Knowing these abbreviations is of ultimate importance for understanding what one unit actually can and what cannot do. Here is the list of the most common abbreviations used on our site.

AWG to mm2 Conversion Calculator and Chart

copper wire 1mWith various standards around, it is important to know how to convert proper cable sizes from one standard to another. Also, voltage drop and power losses depend on the cable length, thickness and current flowing through the cable.

Warning: no math in this article, seriously :)

How to Charge Marine Battery

solar panel mElectrical demands on modern boats are much higher than decade or more ago. Nearly all fishing boats have electrical devices such as lights, radios, sonars, refrigerators, laptops, electric trolling motors, electric watermakers etc.

Selecting the Best Golf Cart Battery

golf cart battery 1mgolf cart battery 2mElectric golf carts use deep cycle lead acid batteries as energy source for their motors.

Selecting the right battery can be daunting task, especially with lithium batteries being more and more present in everyday life.

Marine Battery Boxes, Trays And Mounting Kits

marine battery box 1mmarine battery box 2mMarine battery boxes, trays and mounting kits enable placing and storing of the marine battery and its use in a safe manner.

During the operation, battery or battery bank should be kept safe, with an easy access if and when required.

Marine Battery Monitors

marine battery monitor 1mMarine battery monitors are simple electric and electronic devices that monitor various parameters of marine battery and display them in a simple and readable manner. Built-in alarms can warn the user that certain parameters are out of desired range and can save the day. And often much more ...

Electric Trolling Motors for Small Boats, Pontoons, Kayaks and Canoes

minnkota riptide 50s 1mnewport 23M1000096 1mElectric trolling motors are commonly found on smaller and medium boats for propulsion during trolling. When compared with internal combustion engines, they have both pros and cons that one must be aware of.

Marine and Car Battery Chargers And Controllers

battery charger small mschumacher ssc 1000a 1mMains chargers allow the batteries to be charged while the boat is in the port. Also, when in use, these chargers power entire boat's electric grid - lights, electronics, refrigerators etc.

Since larger boats can operate in different areas and in various countries, it is important that these chargers accept various voltages (110V, 220V, 380V), phases (single-phase or three-phase electric power), various sockets etc.

Marine Solar Panels

solar panel mSolar panels convert sunlight into electricity. Their power output depends on many things like sun radiation strength, angle of the solar panels, their type and age.

Unlike wind turbines, they have no moving parts, they produce no noise during operation and can be positioned more closely to the passengers and onboard equipment. They operate during the day, but during the night, they produce no electricity.

Marine Wind Turbine Generators

six blade wind turbineWind turbines harness the energy of the wind. Blades are connected to the shaft that is connected either directly or over transmission box to the electric generator.

Wind turbine generators start to produce electric energy even during low wind speeds, but no wind, no electricity.

Marine Power Generators

power generator 1Fixed or portable diesel or gas generators are commonly found on medium or larger fishing boats when electricity is in demand.

They have low fuel consumption, relatively low noise levels, can be easily repositioned (at least portable versions), for example, on-shore when required, or transported for maintenance etc.

Manual Power Generators

manual power generatorManual power generators provide power to the most basic equipment in need - radios and radio beacons, cell and smartphones, navigation lights and similar.

They provide tens of watts of power and they are not suitable for charging the main boat battery - while able to provide 2-3 Amps, they would require 10 hours to charge the 12V battery with 20-30Ah.

Best RV Starting, Dual Purpose and Deep Cycle Batteries

battle born battery lifepo4 100ah 12v mElectric systems commonly found in fishing and recreational boats are very similar to the electric systems found in recreational vehicles (RVs). Boat and RV batteries must power various devices ranging from tablets and smartphones to refrigerators, TVs, microwave ovens, AC units, etc. when main engine(s) are powered down and not producing electric energy.

Such batteries also must supply enough energy to avoid issues with power spikes when the RVs are powered via solar panels and/or wind turbines and some larger unit is turned on.

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