Best RV Solar Kit

windynation 100w solar kitRV solar kit requirements vary significantly, but one of the most popular is WindyNation's '100 Watt Solar Panel Complete Off-Grid RV and Boat Kit'.

Such solar kit has everything one needs for being off-the-grid energy independent:

- 100 Watts Solar Panel,

- 30-Amp P30L LCD Display Solar Charge Controller with Battery Temperature Sensor,

- 40 feet 12 AWG Solar Cable,

- all necessary connectors, and mounting hardware,

- 100 Ah, Group 27, deep cycle 12V BattaMax AGM battery.

Such RV solar kit can provide on average 350 Wh (~30 Ah at 12V) of charge per day - this also depends on the available sunlight. But, good thing is that included charge controller can handle up to four 100W solar panels for 12 volt systems and eight 100W solar panels for 24 volt systems.

This solar kit is designed for RVs, homes, boats, back-up, remote power use and other (almost) maintenance-free off-the-grid applications - it does require 'some' maintenance from time to time, like checking the cables, terminals and other connectors and similar.

For more reviews and recommendations check WindyNation 100 Watt Solar Panel Off-Grid RV Boat Kit Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

Long Story Short: whether you require good starting battery for your RV, or deep cycle RV house battery or your RV runs using dual purpose batteries, it is very important to replace old batteries with new ones that are as good or even better than old ones. Be careful about batteries' type, capacity, voltage, terminals, size and other technical details, especially if you want to save weight (and money in the long run) and opt for lithium ion drop-in replacements.

And whatever you do, stay safe!