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4SR44 and 4LR44 Batteries Equivalents and Replacements

4SR44/4LR44 batteries are standard size, small cylindrical batteries, often used in dog collars, photo cameras, toys, laser pointers, pocket LED flashlights, calculators, medical equipment, and similar.

These batteries are rather common batteries and most battery manufacturers produce them with various labels, leading to certain confusion, like 4SR44, 4LR44, PX28A, A544, K28A, K28L, V34PX, 28A, 476A, 4A76, 2CR1/3N, 2CR11108, etc. 4lr44 licb

4SR44/4LR44 Batteries Features and Specifications

4SR44/4LR44 batteries physical dimensions are 25.2 mm (0.99 inches) in height and 13 mm (0.512 inches) in diameter.

When compared with LR44/SR44 batteries (DxH, 11.6x5.4 mm), 4SR44/4LR44 batteries feature slightly larger diameter and height - thus most devices support the use of either 4SR44/4LR44 batteries or 4 individual SR44 or LR44 batteries using battery holder.

4SR44/4LR44 batteries differ in chemistry and thus capacity and nominal voltages.

Alkaline 4LR44 batteries feature a nominal voltage of 6 volts and capacity in the 110-130 mAh range, with some models reaching even 150 mAh, but using low discharge currents.

Common labels for alkaline 4LR44 are A544, 544A, PX28A, K28A, V34PX, 476A, L1325, 28A, and similar.

4lr44 duracell

Silver-oxide 4SR44 batteries feature a nominal voltage of 6.2 volts and capacity in the 150-200 mAh range.

Just like alkaline 4LR44, the silver-oxide 4SR44 battery has many different labels, including 544, S544, 544S, S1325, S28PX, K28S, S1325S, 4G13, etc.

And 'the best' of all is that some manufacturers even use these labels interchangeably in order to emphasize the fact that their 4SR44 or 4LR44 battery may be used as battery replacement for all the batteries mentioned in the package.

4sr44 exell

4LR44/4SR44 batteries from reputable brands feature shelf life of 3+ years for alkaline batteries and 5-7+ years for silver-oxide batteries, both chemistries are rather reliable and allow the device to be powered at the moment notice even after many months, even years of no use - as long as the device was kept in the dry place, preventing corrosion of the contacts.

4LR44/4SR44 Battery vs CR1/3N or CR11108 Battery

cr11108 battery m4LR44/4SR44 battery (13x25.2 mm) may be replaced by four LR44 or four SR44 batteries, but it can also be replaced by a pair of CR1/3N or CR11108 batteries.

CR1/3N or CR11108 battery (11.6 x 10.8 mm) is a lithium non-rechargeable 3 volts battery that feature a nominal capacity of 160-170 mm and is often used in photo cameras and similar devices interchangeably with a pair of LR44 or SR44 batteries.

If your device accepts 4LR44/4SR44 batteries and you have a battery insert/holder for LR44 or SR44 batteries, note that a pair of LR44/SR44 batteries may be replaced by a single CR1/3N or CR11108 battery.

Long Story Short: 4LR44/4SR44 battery is a very popular battery manufactured by many reputable battery brands and can be purchased from most online battery stores.

When checking the labels, be sure to find if the battery is alkaline or silver-oxide battery. Silver-oxide batteries have a larger capacity and longer shelf life, but they also tend to be slightly more expensive.

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