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Guide to LR44, AG13, LR1154, SR44, 303, 357 Batteries - Equivalent Batteries, Cross Reference and Replacements

LR44, AG13, LR1154, SR44, 303, 357 etc. batteries are actually different names for the same small, button cell batteries commonly found in watches, different controllers and other modern 'gadgets'. This article is our guide to the LR44/AG13/LR1154/303/357 etc. equivalent batteries, their chemistries and performances.

Published: December 28, 2018.

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LR44, AG13, LR1154, SR44, 303, 357 etc batteries are 11.6 mm in diameter and 5.4 mm in height (thus some models come with '1154' in their label). Their nominal voltage is 1.5 V and their capacity differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

One of the reasons for confusion are different chemistries found in these batteries: alkaline, silver-oxide, zinc air and mercury oxide.

Comparison of these chemistries is given in the following table:

Chemistry Alkaline Silver-Oxide Zinc Air Mercury-Oxide
Capacity 110-130 mAh 150-200 mAh 600-700 mAh ~200 mAh
Voltage 1.5V 1.55V 1.4V 1.35V
Note Voltage drops during use Very constant voltage Slightly lower voltage, large capacity Slightly lower voltage, contains mercury, not in use anymore
Typical Labels LR44, LR1154 SR44, SR44W PR44 MR44, MR1154

Note that capacity depends on cutoff voltage, which is often device-dependent.

Mercury-oxide batteries contain mercury and are not in use anymore. They had very good capacity, but also slightly lower voltage.

Zinc air batteries are commonly used in hearing-aid devices. Although they have slightly lower voltage, their capacity is exceptionally good. However, they are not commonly used in other electronic devices because they use wet/moist electrolyte and air. When electrolyte dries out, they stop to operate, meaning that when they start to operate, they operate for few weeks, at most. Not the best option for devices that must operate reliably, even after not being used for months.

Rest of this article deals only about alkaline and silver-oxide LR44/SR44 batteries.

LR44 battery is an alkaline battery, with the most common equivalent batteries being: AG13, G13, A76, L1154, LR1154, 157 etc.

However, these alkaline batteries can be replaced with silver-oxide batteries, with the most common equivalent batteries: SR44, SR44W, SR44SW, 303, 357, SB-B9 etc. Silver-oxide batteries are often used in watches (hence the 'W' in the label - not always, but often) and similar electronic devices.

To avoid confusion note that many manufacturers list LR44, AG13, SR44 and/or 357 on the battery packages - note that these are different battery chemistries.

It is safe to assume that if the package lists any alkaline label, then the batteries in question are alkaline and not silver oxide batteries.

LR44 vs. AG13 vs. LR1154 vs. SR44 vs. 303 vs. 357 - Cross Reference Chart

 LR44 battery cross reference chart lists different labels and their equivalents depending on the battery manufacturer:

Duracell Energizer IEC Kodak Maxell Panasonic Philips Seiko Sony Varta Others
LR44 A76 LR44 KA76 LR44 LR44 A76 LR44 LR44 V13GA 904, G13,
LR1154, PX76A
357, 303,
303, 357 SR44 KS35, KS36 SR44W SR44W 357 SR44W SR44W V357, V76PX D357, SR44W,

Note: labels can change over time, and can change without prior notice.

Alkaline LR44 vs. Silver-Oxide SR44

sr44w batteryThere are several very important differences between these two chemistries:

- alkaline batteries have nominal voltage of 1.5 V, while silver-oxide batteries have nominal voltage of 1.55 V,

- voltage of the alkaline batteries drops over time, while silver-oxide batteries have almost constant voltage during the use, with the sharp voltage drop when they are almost fully discharged,

- battery capacity of alkaline LR44 batteries is around 110 mAh, while capacity of silver-oxide SR44 batteries is more in the 165-170 mAh range,

- alkaline batteries are cheaper than silver-oxide batteries,

- silver-oxide batteries generally have longer shelf-life than alkaline batteries, although newer LR44 batteries (alkaline) come with very long shelf life, too.

Which one is better, LR44 or SR44? For toys and similar general use applications, LR44 is better option due to cheaper price. For marine and similar applications in important electronic devices, go for SR44 batteries. After all, some electronic devices don't operate reliably when powered with voltages below certain threshold - alkaline LR44 quickly drops below, for example, 1.4V, while silver-oxide SR44 holds 1.55 V almost all the time.

So, if you consider replacing LR44, A76, KA76, AG13, LR1154 etc with SR44, SR44W, 303, 357 etc. feel free to do it. However, if you want to replace SR44 with LR44 batteries, check the manual of that particular device and its requirements. Nobody wants some nice fancy outdoors watch to stop working while being in the middle of nowhere :)

Long Story Short - SR44W silver-oxide batteries cost more than alkaline batteries. However, as long as you don't need truckload of these batteries, even silver-oxide batteries are relatively cheap, especially considering that in most situations these batteries power devices that are very important like outdoor watches and similar 'gadgets' that your life often can depend on ... just our 2c :)

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