Electric Trolling Motors

minnkota endura c2 2Electric trolling motors are commonly found on smaller and medium boats, kayaks, pontoons, rafts and similar vessels for propulsion during trolling and even for propulsion in general.

When compared with internal combustion engines, they have both pros and cons that one must be aware of - they are very quiet, lightweight and reliable, but they depend on the onboard batteries for energy, and such batteries tend to be heavy.

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Or check our electric trolling motors reviews and recommendations:

Cloud Mountain 36/40/46/50/55/60/86 lbs Electric Trolling Motors

cloud mountain electric trolling motor mCloud Mountain 36/40/46/50/55/60/86 lbs electric trolling motors are designed for both saltwater and freshwater use. They are transom mounted and feature acceptable price with good quality.

Wide range of thrust of Cloud Mountain electric trolling motors help the user to pick the right unit for almost every situation.

Minn Kota Endura C2 Transom Mount Electric Trolling Motor

minnkota endura c2 mMinn Kota Endura C2 is a group of transom mount trolling motors differing in thrust and shaft length. These electric trolling motors operate at 12V, they are easy to use, very durable and reliable and are for a reason very popular fresh water electric trolling motors.

MinnKota Endura C2 can be used for brackish and salt-water, but this is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Newport Vessels 36, 46, 55, 62 and 86 Pounds Thrust NV-Series Saltwater Electric Trolling Motors

newport vessels nv series 1mnewport vessels nv series 2Newport Vessels NV-Series of saltwater/freshwater electric trolling motors ranges between 36 and 86 pounds of thrust and is excellent choice for most of the applications where such propulsion is required.

These motors are lightweight, affordable, come with many features required for safe use and are easy to use. If you need such motors, consider these electric trolling motors as one of your possible choices.