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Cloud Mountain 36/40/46/50/55/60/86 lbs Electric Trolling Motors

Cloud Mountain 36/40/46/50/55/60/86 lbs electric trolling motors are designed for both saltwater and freshwater use. They are transom mounted and feature acceptable price with good quality.

Wide range of thrust of Cloud Mountain electric trolling motors help the user to pick the right unit for almost every situation.

Published: September 16, 2019.

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Cloud Mountain Electric Trolling Motors Features and Specifications

Cloud Mountain electric trolling motors feature 28 inches (~71 cm) long fiberglass adjustable shafts, reinforced nylon brackets, all aluminum motor head and stainless steel metal parts. However, some of the metal parts (bolts, for example) are not made of stainless steel and before mounting the motor, it is recommended to replace them.

Personally, I hope that the manufacturer will replace them with the stainless steel bolts - if not did that already!

6 inches (~15 cm) long handle is telescopic, allowing the user to set the most comfortable length easily.

telescoping handle

Units feature 8 speeds, 5 forward and 3 reverse, allowing the user to have good control over delivered thrust, although these days a motor controller with continuous power setting would be nice thing to have.

Each model also features 10-point battery indicator, showing the user how much charge is left in the battery.

Depending on the motor thrust, Cloud Mountain electric trolling motors features 2 and 3 blades propellers.

Some of the most important features of these motors is given in the following chart:

Model (Thrust - lbs) 36 40 46 50 55 60 86
Voltage (V) 12 12 12 12 12 12 24
Maximum Current (A) 29.4 34.5 41 47 53 57 48.5
Maximum Power (W) 354 414 492 564 636 684 1164
Unit Weight (lbs) 16.1 16.5 17.6 19.2 20.3 21.4 22.3
Propeller Blades 2 2 2 3 3 3 3
Max. Recommended Boat (lbs) 1800 2000 2300 2500 2750 3000 4300
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As one can see, all Cloud Mountain electric trolling motors in the chart operate at nominal voltage of 12 volts, except 86 pounds motor that runs at 24 volts.

This keeps maximum current below 60 Amps, helping to keep the energy losses to the acceptable level - strongest maximum current features 60 pounds model, with its current of 57 Amps.

Maximum recommended boat size is just an approximation to give users a sense what kind of motor they actually needs.

However, not all the boats are the same - pontoon and catamaran boats that have large above-the-water surfaces may need stronger motors in the case of strong wind.

Also, if you like fishing or just need electric trolling motor for leisure, having power/energy reserve is highly recommended.

For short - unless you intended to use your electric trolling motor very near the shore, go for 20-30% power reserve. Better save than sorry...

Powering Cloud Mountain Electric Trolling Motors

Battery dimensioning depends on the used trolling motor (Max. Amps), trolling habits (sailing at certain percentage of full power), required operating time, other potential loads and similar.

For example, if you want to use 36 pounds motor for two hours at full throttle, you need the battery with the 2h capacity of:

2h x 29.4 Amps x 1.25 = ~60 Ah x 1.25 = 75 Ah (2h capacity)

Note: these '1.25' is safety margin of 25%. Not required, but highly recommended.

There are several 75 Ah (2h) batteries, and most of them feature 100Ah nominal capacity - capacity when being drained for 20h.

mighty max ml100 12 mWhile high-end dual purpose/deep cycle AGM 100-110Ah batteries can easily power such motor for 2h and have ~25% power reserve, it is important to know that versatile and affordable mid-range 100Ah deep cycle AGM batteries also can do the same job at lower price. For example:

- Mighty Max ML100-12 12V 100 Ah AGM Deep Cycle Battery is capable of providing 349.2 watts for two hours down to 10.5 volts.

- UPG UB121000 Deep Cycle AGM Battery is capable of providing 359.1 watts for two hours down to 10.5 volts.

And 36 pounds motor maximum power is 354 watts.

upg ub121000 1mSimilarly, when doing calculations for other motors and batteries combinations, keep in mind maximum current, operating time and safety reserve.

Best of all, during operation, electric trolling motors are rarely pushed all the time at the full throttle. When the 36 pounds motor is used at half the power (~15 Amps), these two batteries are able to power it for almost 5 hours. And that is plenty of fishing...

Users requiring long operating times, but can't accept weight penalties of large AGM batteries, they should consider Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries - they are much lighter, have much larger number of charging/discharging cycles, but they also cost more than AGM batteries.

Long Story Short: If you need well designed and versatile electric trolling motors at affordable price, consider Cloud Mountain electric trolling motors.

Just be sure to check the bolts and if they are not yet replaced with stainless steel bolts, do yourself a favor and change them yourself.

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