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PEXMOR 36/46/55/86 lbs Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motors

PEXMOR 36/46/55/86 lbs Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motors are a group of rather popular and affordable electric trolling motors suitable for kayaks, small inflatable boats, pontoons, and similar.

PEXMOR 36/46/55/86 lbs electric trolling motors are quiet, lightweight, electric trolling motors, made from durable materials, suitable for both saltwater and freshwater use. However, after each saltwater use, they have to be rinsed and dried properly.

Published: September 7, 2021.

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PEXMOR 36/46/55/86 lbs Electric Trolling Motors

PEXMOR 36/46/55/86 lbs electric trolling motors are powered by 12/24 volts deep cycle batteries, keeping the current draw below 60 Amps (still manageable, requiring not too thick cables).

Each motor comes with 4 feet (~1.2 m) cables, helping the users connect the motors to the batteries.

Personally, it is highly recommended to place the battery in Marine Battery Box (Power Center) with 50-60 Amps (depending on the electric trolling motor model) fuse - box protects the battery from the elements, while fuse protects both the motor and the battery.

All models of PEXMOR electric trolling motors feature adjustable depth and angle, allowing the user to set the prop at proper depth and angle.

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PEXMOR 36/46/55/86 lbs electric trolling motors feature props with sharp blades, designed to slice through seaweed easily. Also, they are robust enough to survive hitting the bottom.

Note: These electric trolling motors are built to be resilient and durable, just be sure not to test that too often.

Composite fiberglass shaft is designed to bend and flex when under stress, but it can also break if stressed too much.

The throttle handle is telescoping (6 inches (~15 cm)), allowing the user to set the most comfortable length.

Each PEXMOR 36/46/55/86 lbs electric trolling motor features 8 speeds, of which 5 are forward and 3 reverse.

On top of each motor, there is a 10 point LED battery charge meter with 1-3 red lights and 4-10 green lights, providing the user with a clear indication of the battery charge condition.

Note: battery charge meter is intended for lead-acid batteries and NOT for lithium batteries. If You plan on using lithium batteries with your PEXMOR electric trolling motor, consider having a dedicated lithium battery charge monitor.

The following comparison chart lists some of the most important features and specifications of the PEXMOR 36/46/55/86 lbs electric trolling motors:

Photo table 36lbs table 46lbs table 55lbs table 86lbs
Voltage 12V 12V 12V 24V
Thurst 36 lbs
16.3 kg
46 lbs
20.9 kg
55 lbs
24.0 kg
86 lbs
37.2 kg
Max. Current 29 Amps 40 Amps 52 Amps 48 Amps
Max. Input Power 348W 480W 624W 1152W
Max. Speed 3.5 kn
4.1 mph
6.5 km/h
5.1 kn
6 mph
9.5 km/h
7.8 kn
9 mph
14.5 km/h
11.9 kn
13.8 mph
22 km/h
Motor weight 16 lbs
7.3 kg
17.2 lbs
7.8 kg
19.8 lbs
9.0 kg
22 lbs
10.0 kg
Amazon Link PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motors

Note: Amazon affiliate link in the chart opens in the new window - feel free to check the latest offers and prices. Also, maximum speed is given for a 2.3m boat with 200 pounds (90 kg) load on calm water.

Battery Recommendations

The maximum current draw of the motors in the chart is 52 Amps for PEXMOR HX-55L which is powered by a 12V battery.

The minimum recommended battery for these motors is a 12V 55Ah deep cycle battery (2 batteries for PEXMOR HX-86L model).

However, for fishing trips that last more than one hour, consider getting a 75Ah or even a 100Ah battery.

Note: if You are using your electric trolling motor at full throttle most of the time, then your electric trolling motor is seriously underpowered, with almost no power reserve for emergencies.

Lead-acid or Lithium Trolling Motor Battery?

PEXMOR electric trolling motors feature 10-point LED battery charge monitors which are intended for lead-acid batteries.

If You plan on using lithium trolling motor batteries, consider having another battery monitor intended for lithium batteries.

Generally, when compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries support 8-12x more charging/discharging cycles, they are 3-4x lighter, don't suffer from the capacity drop with the increase of discharge current, etc.

Long Story Short: PEXMOR electric trolling motors are suitable for kayaks, inflatable boats, smaller pontoons, and other vessels that need a quiet propulsion system.

These motors are transom mounted, can be used in both saltwater and freshwater, are easy to use, easy to adjust (depth, angle), come with a battery meter, etc.

Since these motors vary in thrust from 36 to 86 pounds, choose according to your own needs and preferences. And no, they don't come with the battery.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the PEXMOR 36/46/55/86 lbs Electric Trolling Motors Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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