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U-BCOO 12V 46lbs 8-Speed Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor

U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs is a compact, lightweight, and relatively strong electric trolling motor, intended for use on smaller boats, rafts, kayaks, pontoons, and similar vessels.

In order to be as rust-resistant as possible, U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs is made of stainless steel, aluminum, glass fiber, and similar materials, making it suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use.

Published: February 24, 2021.

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 U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs Features and Specifications

U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs is an electric trolling motor intended to be powered by 12V deep cycle marine batteries.

Maximum thrust is ~46 pounds (~21 kg), which is enough for smaller boats, kayaks, and pontoons in calm weather, with no strong currents - this highly depends on the vessel's load, surface area, and similar.

U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs features a total of 8 speeds - 5 forward and 3 reverse - which is almost a standard in this class.

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All U-BCOO 12V electric trolling motors (46 lbs, 55 lbs, 60 lbs) come with a 10-point battery meter that helps the user monitor the battery condition.

Note: Battery meter is intended to monitor the lead-acid deep cycle marine batteries. Although lithium batteries may also be used for providing power, battery meter may provide false readings when monitoring different lithium batteries. If you do intend to use a lithium battery with a U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs motor, be sure to monitor the battery condition using the method recommended by the battery manufacturer.

The motor shaft is 28.5 inches (~73 cm) long and is made of fiber-glass - if the motor hits the bottom, the shaft will bend and not break so easily. However, if the hit is too strong, this (or any other shafts) will break in the end - for short, don't hit the bottom with your electric trolling motor!

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Handle is telescopic (by 4 inches, ~10 cm), allowing the user to adjust it's length as required.

U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs comes with two wires intended for connecting the motor with the battery, equipped with ring terminals.

Recommended Battery for U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs Electric Trolling Motor

upb ub12750 45821 mPersonally, 40-50 lbs electric motors should be powered by at least 12V 75Ah AGM or Gel-Cell spill-proof, maintenance-free batteries.

Runtime of such battery when powering U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs depends on the required current - if You are pushing your trolling motor at full throttle, your electric trolling motor is severely underpowered and it lacks any reserve power for emergencies.

Also, most smaller boats and kayaks these days often feature additional devices like fish finders, lights, radio equipment, and similar and they are often being powered by the main, deep cycle battery.

Thus, when trying to find a suitable battery for the U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs motor, go for a 75-100Ah battery and if required, go for an even larger one, depending on your personal needs and requirements.

On the other hand, if You need U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs for just quick hops (10-15 minutes full throttle, 20-30 minutes half the throttle), a nice 33-35Ah 12V AGM battery will be just fine - again, this is just for short trips and occasional use.

u bcoo l 12v 46lbs mLong Story Short: If You are looking for a salt-water, transom-mounted, 12V electric trolling motor and U-BCOO L-12V-46lbs fits your needs, consider it as your next electric trolling motor.

It is a rather popular model, tested by many users in various situations, and it behaves - well.

It could have better warranty conditions, although they tend to be store/shop dependent. Also, using too small AGM/Gel-Cell battery significantly shortens the runtime.

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