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Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 12V Saltwater Trolling Motors

Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 12V Saltwater Trolling Motors are ultralight and rather compact 12V trolling motors, intended for powering small vessels, including kayaks, canoes, inflatables, smaller pontoons, and similar boats.

Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 models come as transom mount trolling motors, but they also feature an optional kayak bracket.

Published: February 24, 2021.

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Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 Features and Specifications

Both Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 electric trolling motors feature practically the same design, differing only in color, thrust, and required current - both units are 12V electric motors intended for freshwater and saltwater use.

Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 are ultralight electric motors - for example, ASP T-18 weighs only 4.85 pounds (~2.2 kg).

Other features include:

- Watersnake ASP T-18 features a maximum thrust of 18 pounds (~8.2 kg) and requires 7-15 Amps @12V.

- Watersnake ASP T-24 features a maximum thrust of 24 pounds (~10.9 kg) and requires 9-20 Amps @12V.

Both units feature 24 inches (61 cm) long shaft with a diameter of 1 inch (~25 mm).

Such a compact design is recommended for boats that are low above the water and often have to be carried in or out of the water like kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats, and similar.

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Controls are very simple and include two switches:

- forward and reverse switch,

- low- and high-speed switch.

Although motors with the finer speed controls are better for setting the required speed, especially when fishing, in many situations two-speed switch is enough. Besides, such a design is simple to make and is rather durable.

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The two-blade prop is of 'weedless' design - it is designed to cut through the seaweed and similar vegetation. Nonetheless, when trolling over shallows with vegetation, be sure to check the prop for tangled weed.

When mounting Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24, there are several options:

- transom mount is a default mount type, suitable for boats and other vessels with a transom stern.

When such trolling motors are to be used on inflatable and similar boats that don't feature transom stern, a suitable mount kit can help with mounting the motor on, for example, an inflatable boat's stern.

intex motor mount kit

If You plan on using these motors on the kayaks and similar boats that require a side-mount kayak bracket, both T-18 and T-24 motors can be ordered with such a bracket.

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Both transom mount and kayak mount bracket allow the user to adjust the motor depth - too deep and the motor and prop can hit underwater obstacles, too shallow and prop can break the surface, over-rev and lose thrust.

How to Power Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 Electric Trolling Motors

Both ASP T-18 and T-24 motors require relatively low currents, Watersnake ASP T-18 requires 7-15 Amps @12V, while Watersnake ASP T-24 requires 9-20 Amps @12V.

In order to save weight, lightweight lithium kayak trolling motor batteries are recommended, specifically, 12V lithium-ion 50-75 Ah batteries weighing 13-20 pounds (~6-9 kg).

Such 12V 50-75 Ah lithium batteries store enough energy to be able to power T-18 and T-24 from 150 minutes (2.5h: 20 Amps from 50Ah battery) to more than 10 hours (7 Amps from 75 Ah battery).

Of course, a good AGM and/or Gel-Cell lead-acid battery may be used, but the weight increase is significant.

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watersnake 18 24 lbs mLong Story Short: Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 electric trolling motors are popular ultra-light motors intended for both freshwater and saltwater use.

Simplified design increases the reliability of the motors and helps with maintenance.

If Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 electric trolling motors fit your needs (again, only high and low speed, forward and reverse), consider these units.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Watersnake ASP T-18 and T-24 12V Saltwater Trolling Motors Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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