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YTX14-BS Powersports Battery Features, Specifications, and Cross Reference Chart

YTX14-BS is a rather popular mid-range Powersports battery, commonly used in motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, snowmobiles, power generators, tractors, and other similar applications as a starting battery for smaller internal (diesel and especially gas) combustion engines.

YTX14-BS is a sealed battery (BS - Battery Sealed), although there are wet/flooded lead-acid batteries made in this size as well, but they are not as common as they used to be. Also, lithium starting batteries that are able to replace the YTX14-BS battery are present on the market as well.

Published: December 23, 2020.

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YTX14-BS battery features physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 5.875 x 3.4375 x 5.75 inches (150 x 87 x 146 mm).

On average, lead-acid YTX14-BS batteries feature 12Ah 10h capacity and CCA ratings between 190 and 235 Amps.

The most common label for this battery size is YTX14-BS, but other labels are used as well, including BTX14-BS, CTX14-BS, ETX14-BS, GTX14-BS, PTX14-BS, STX14-BS, and similar.

Lithium YTX14-BS batteries are not as common as lead-acid YTX14-BS batteries, but they usually weigh just 1/3 to 1/2 of the lead-acid batteries and offer the same or up to 50% better CCA values. Also, they usually cost several times more than lead-acid batteries.

Lithium YTX14-BS batteries are usually designed as a drop-in replacement and may be recharged by onboard chargers commonly found at bikes, scooters, and similar vehicles.

But, when the lithium YTX14-BS batteries are being recharged outside the vehicle, they must be recharged using the battery charger intended for lithium batteries or with AGM smart battery charger with dedicated lithium battery charging mode.

Note: before connecting the lithium battery to your vehicle, power generator, or any similar unit, be sure to thoroughly read the Owner's Guide of the battery that You have and get accustomed to the battery, especially what is allowed and what not ...

Modern lead-acid YTX14-BS batteries are Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) batteries, most commonly Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) or Gel-Cell batteries, although there are even some Enhanced Flooded batteries offering certain performance advantages over AGM and Gel-Cell batteries, but they are not as nearly maintenance-free as AGM/Gel-cell batteries.

Personally, if You are looking for a new YTX14-BS battery, go for a sealed, maintenance-free, factory-activated YTX14-BS AGM/Gel battery from reputable brands, tried and tested by numerous users in many real-life applications.

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular YTX14-BS batteries:

Brand 10h Capacity (Ah) CCA (Amps) Amazon Link
Chrome 12 200 Chrome YTX14-BS iGel Battery
 EverLast 12 190 EverLast CTX14-BS Battery
ExpertPower 14 220 ExpertPower ETX14-BS Battery
 SigmasTek 12 200 SigmasTek YTX14-BS Battery
Upstart 12 200 Upstart YTX14-BS Battery
 Weize 12 235 Weize YTX14-BS Battery
 Yuasa 12 200 Yuasa YTX14-BS Battery

Note: Amazon affiliate links ('Amazon Link' column) open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

YTX14-BS Battery vs YTX14L-BS Battery

YTX14-BS and YTX14L-BS batteries are two very similar batteries - the only real difference is battery terminals orientation.

YTX14-BS battery features a negative port to the Right and YTX14L-BS features a negative port to the Left - hence the 'L' part of its label.

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Although battery terminals' orientation doesn't sound important, but many vehicles have limited cable length and a battery with the proper terminal orientation is a must-have.

How to Charge YTX14-BS Battery?

When the YTX14-BS battery is connected to the electric system of the vehicle, it is charged by an onboard alternator/charge controller.

However, when the battery is out of the vehicle, especially before or during the off-season, it is a good practice to recharge the battery using a smart AGM battery charger.

Such battery chargers analyze the battery first and then adjust the charging process according to the battery's condition. If required, desulfation charging mode and equalization charging modes are used, which may prolong the battery operating life.

Also, when the battery is fully recharged, smart AGM battery chargers switch from the charging mode to the maintenance mode, keeping the battery fully charged.

Also, smart AGM battery chargers often feature separate charging modes for flooded/wet and Gel-cell batteries and sometimes even for the lithium batteries - be sure to recharge your battery with the proper charging mode.

Since YTX14-BS batteries feature 10h capacity ~12 Ah, ~2Amps battery chargers are recommended, although these batteries are able to accept the charger at a faster pace.

If the YTX14-BS battery is discharged down to 50% DoD, a good AGM battery charger will analyze and recharge the battery fully in under 4 hours.

What Kills Powersports YTX14-BS Batteries?

 AGM and Gel-Cell YTX14-BS batteries are very tough and durable batteries, with increased resistance to vibrations and mechanical impacts.

But, too strong vibrations over a prolonged period of time, combined with mechanical impacts can easily damage even the toughest batteries.

Also, if the vehicle has some sort of parasitic load (security system/alarm, GPS tracking, and similar), it slowly drains the battery, which may lead to the buildup of lead-sulfate crystals inside the battery. Again, these are starting/cranking batteries, they are not deep cycle batteries, although AGM batteries usually do tolerate deep discharges better than flooded/wet batteries.

During summer, the battery temperature may rise significantly, shortening the battery operating life in general - when the vehicle is not in use, keep it indoors, or at least in shade.

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Long Story Short: If You are looking for a new YTX14-BS battery, consider an AGM/Gel-Cell YTX14-BS battery from some of the most reputable brands.

Such batteries are durable and reliable batteries and are able to crank surprisingly large engines, especially gas engines, but also diesels if required.

Lithium YTX14-BS batteries are also available on the market, but true drop-in replacements are still hard to find - saved weight compared with the weight of a vehicle is important only if You are a pro rider. IMHO, of course.

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